The sense of purpose and urgency which the CPP brought to national development has essentially been missing since 1966. It is time we restore it. Our people can wait no longer.

This manifesto answers our people's cry for a new covenant ( Apamfofro) in Ghana. We believe that the State has a binding commitment to use its power to promote high rates of economic growth and development as well as to ensure that the wealth thereof is shared equitably among Ghanaians – North and South, East and West.

We aspire to work together with all Ghanaians to create a prosperous, just, safe, caring and united society where there is adequate food and shelter for all and there are ample opportunities for every Ghanaian to develop his or her personal and social potential to its fullest.

We shall instil in our people a culture of discipline and excellence, respect for law and order, compassion towards one another, and the idea that we are one people with a common destiny.

We believe that unless political power is placed in the hands of the CPP the search for real and lasting solutions to our political and social economic problems will remain elusive. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. Forward Ever Backward Never!

Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle

National Chairman and Leader of the Convention People's Party. (CPP)