In addition to the highlighted sections below this item also includes Public Sector Reforms, Public Safety, details of which can be found within the body of the main manifesto.
Governance policy will be in line with the Party’s S-Cubed Programme.


4.1 Decentralization and Local Government

A CPP Government will ensure the election of district chief executives within two years of coming into office
Abolish government appointees to the district assemblies
Propose an increase of the District Assembly Common Fund from the current 7.5 per cent to 12.5 per cent

Require all District Assemblies to publish monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and management reports on how they utilize taxes collected from markets, lorry stations, etc.

Encourage local authorities to adopt Participatory Budgeting to enhance citizen’s participation in local governance.


4.2 Fighting Corruption

Corruption and the lack of political will to fight it has undermined public confidence in government and cost the nation billions of Ghana Cedis through fraudulent practices in government procurement and government projects.

Today, public officials and their relatives acquire properties far in excess of their known income. This further undermines governance and impedes development. The CPP will fight corruption by:

Adequately resourcing public institutions, such as CHRAJ and Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO).

We shall also implement the Whistle Blower law, which encourages the public to report corrupt practices, Pass the Freedom of Information Bill (if still pending) as part of a broad legislative agenda to improve governance and fight corruption.
Ensure compliance with the Constitution and advocate to put open public assert declaration at the heart of public service.